MilesForTax (Also known as Miles4Tax) is an install and forget mileage accumulator application for Android smart phones. This section is about what information is collected and how it is used

What information collected and how it is used

The Application does collect information about your location from the Gps. It does not reveal your current location to others however the location is stored in a database that can be retrieved even when the application is no longer on the platform.
The application doesn't rely on cellular networks and doesn't require your phone to be on a network to collect calculate or record the mileage. However using certain features of the application such as mapping provided by Google, or reverse geocoding will cause traffic on the network that may identify your location.
For automatic mileage recording it requires that your smart phone has a working Gps, or is connected to the vehicle using a compatible working Bluetooth OBD scanner in the vehicle. If you do not install an OBDII the OBD feature for collecting mileage will not work
All information collected if for the purpose of cataloging your mileage. No personal information is collected. The application uses a Gps, it can record the location of the phone and the time at the start, end and during a trip. The information is recored to a database. The information is recorded for your consumption. No part of the mileage detail is transmitted to the developer.
The developer may receive a periodic update of usage statistic that may enumerate how frequently the application is used, the number of failures or other information via a log file. The information does not contain location or personal data or other PII like emails etc.
Updating the app. We recommend you keep the latest version of the app for bug fixes and features. Part of the application may contain a tax table that is region specific and may not apply to you. The table may be periodically updated when tax allowances change. These values are used as a measure only. The developer makes no claims that any monetary amount shown can actually be filed or that the user will receive a rebate on their taxes as a direct result of using MilesForTax.

Updates and Compliance

The developer intends to stay compliant with provision set forth by any stores vending this application or applicable laws and may update or otherwise change the application or may be asked to remove the application. The applications may be updated and renewed for content related changes.
Some users may continue to use older versions of the app without support or with older content. The application provides estimates only - there is no claim that any taxing authority will rebate your taxes as a direct result of using MilesForTax.

Sponsored vs. Non-sponsored

If you are using a sponsored version of the app, there may be in app-ads and or vending and the app may use your cellular connection or Internet and any Google service to fulfill the operation. In such instances where you make a purchase or respond to an ad, please refer to what information google collects and how they use it. Your location, vehicle type, approximate usage may be used to provide targeted advertising which you may be required to opt-out of. In all cases where information is collected the app does not access you personal information or information which you did not enter such as an email etc. If you provided that information as a condition to using the sponsored app, the information will be passed on to an affiliated vendor who may then use the information to contact you or present a product. If you are using the sponsored version you are not obliged to purchase the offering.

Requesting the addition or removal features

The developer tries to determine what features will bring the best value (usage vs. cost to implement) to the platform. You can request additional features remove features by contacting the developer via email at Customer support. Please identify if the feature is needed or to be removed. If it is to be removed explain what you believe the benefit of removing the feature might be. If the feature is additional to the current version that you have please include
A clear description of the feature
The benefit the feature may add to the platform

Donations, Subscriptions

Your donations and subscriptions are are appreciated. Either method represents a vote of how significant the application is to you and at the end of the day the voting tally directs developers into what activities they should engage in. MilesForTax is funded by one of both methods. Any donations or subscription fees will go to the developer for the development of the application