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Collect, track and log your mileage automatically with your Android smart phone. Milesfortax is a mileage tracker solution for any small business or individual owner who uses their personal vehicle for business or charity. Install the MilesforTax APP on your GPS enabled android device and it will add up your miles every time you drive your vehicle.

Free download, Free unlimited full function 30-day trial..

Upgrades available - Flexible billing options (Google play, or Credit card)

Google Play Download latest version

If you use the Google play installer it may update the MilesforTax automatically. You can get more download help here or Help with installation here

Deleting your data or account
Deleting all or part of the information collected by the app.
You must have the app installed.
You must be logged in and know the current password.

To delete data: drives, addresses or vehicles associated with your account:
1) Open the app.
2) Select the drives or address or vehicles on the appropriate page.
3) Select delete.
4) The information deleted will be excluded from current back up.
5) Prior system backups and logs are deleted after approximately 1 month.

To delete your account (using inside the app):
1) Go to Setup from the main screen
2) You must be logged in and know the current password.
3) Select uninstall from the menu inside the app.
4) Accept to delete account. 5) After one month or no login or no reinstall account is deleted

Notes on deleting account: If user logs in, reinstall the app on the same device, or uses a different device with the same MilesforTax account and password the account might not be deleted as described.

To delete your account (using the website):
1) Login to the website
2) Navigate to delete/deactivate your account in the menu
3) Select select the action to perform.
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